Make your own 2D explosion animations for your game, video, or cartoon. Clear, easy, and super fun!…

2D Explosion Animations Make Cartoony VFX in Photoshop

2D Explosion Animations Make Cartoony VFX in Photoshop

Get ready to make 2D visual effects of things go BOOM in a truly fun cartoony way! Because this course is all about awesome 2D explosion effects!

Using Photoshop you will learn to create various kinds of explosive VFX that could easily be used as game assets, video FX, or materials for any other 2D animation projects.

We have a fire explosion, a water bubble burst, a lightning strike, and more cool animations waiting to be brought to life. So, let’s get to it!

Why choose Photoshop for your 2D explosion FX?

Being a leading visual editing software on the market, Photoshop also provides a very comfortable environment for creating visual effects.

It is powerful software, packed with useful tools that are easy to learn and enjoyable to use. Those qualities combined make Adobe Photoshop a go-to software for the majority of visual artists, photographers, and animators.

Making frame by frame visual effects such as 2D cartoony explosions is a fun and rewarding process. Photoshop makes it also an easy one.

Why choose this course to learn creating 2D explosion animations?

As an independent studio, we often have to rely on our own skills in creating assets. Luckily for us, we enjoy creating cool cartoony looking stuff quite a lot.

This course is our way of sharing our knowledge with fellow artists. We tried to make it as clear and detailed as we could, to better serve both beginner animators and those of you who already have experience in the field.

Going over various kinds of explosion animations, this course is aiming to grant you an understanding of how to design and bring to life your own 2D VFX.

We love games and adore animation. This 2D VFX creation course is designed to make it possible to other animators (beginners and advanced) to expand their abilities and be able to create their own fun cartoony assets.

Hope you enjoy taking this course, as much as we enjoyed creating it.

So, sign up, and start making your own awesome 2D explosion animations!

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