3 Steps To Boost Your Design Career

Only 3 steps in your life if you take then you could be in one of the great legendary personality in the world…




These days the design standards are so high because of the competition in the graphic design world that any normal mediocre design could easily damage your reputation in the eyes of your client. You, being a graphic designer or digital artist, must have an eye on your competition, not only about the creativity of design but, the knowledge of your competitors and methods of presentations they are using.  Every great designer or creative take good care of these three aspects of his/her life which learning time saving and best presentation. The most important characteristic for you to be successful designer is that how creative you are or what are your ideas about the client’s problem (design problem) and the second one is, how you execute your idea into reality and third one is, how you present that solution of a specific problem to your client.


Most of the creatives have great knowledge about the design solutions and all the technicalities required for a good design solution but they have very little knowledge how to convey their creative ideas in a most effective manner to their clients or to be clients. The second aspect is, how sound technically you are. For example if you have crafted a very a good brochure title in your mind (an idea) and you are unable to produce the effective design in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or any other tool you use to accomplish your goal,  which appeals to your client, then you must think about the training about the tools which are required to convert your ideas into reality. In the late nineties when I was in arts college, there was a very little influence of internet in our lives as it is today and because of that there were only two traditional sources of learning, one was our teacher and the other one was the library, and it was impossible to access both 24 hours a day.

But nowadays, thanks to the internet, you can learn anything you want from social science to the space science, everything is available on the internet, you just need to open the browser and start learning by accessing the sites such as Udemy which is a great source of learning. Being a graphic designer or a digital artist you should know your tools better than the others, and believe me, if you are not learning regularly, soon you will be out of design business.



Being a creative artist and entrepreneur, we don’t have enough time that we make everything by ourselves from scratch and here comes the other useful resources such as  Envato where we could have monthly subscription on a very reasonable price to access thousands of stock photos, vector illustrations, WordPress themes, plugins, design assets and much more which is a huge time saver. This is the best time in which we are that we have such opportunities for learning and doing our work without any limitations.

The third part is the presentation, after learning design tools from Udemy and creating beautiful websites and brochures by purchasing templates or design elements from Envato, now the part comes where you have to present your design to your client. Nowadays, sending just a brochure jpg is outdated or even becomes a taboo, now here comes Mockups. Presenting your design as they will look in real life is far more convincing for a client than just sending him or her a bland flat piece if jpg. We at Divine Works® help designers to provide them free mockups which they can use to present their great designs to their clients. You can visit our free downloads section to download not only free mockups but also free vector illustrations. If you want to be a very successful designer then you should take care of these 3 aspects 1. Learn Great 2. Create Amazing 3. Present Marvelous.


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