3 Ways to Learn Graphic Design

3 ways to learn design

These days nothing is impossible to learn. There are tons of resources available on the internet which are far more reliable and having ease of access to the extent that even a person with a basic knowledge of operating computer can become a hardcore programmer (if tried very well) in comparison to the traditional methods of learning skills.

Today I will discuss 3 best ways available on the internet to learn almost anything. I’ll discuss the 3 best ways in ascending order which are as follows:

Upworks or Fiverr

Believe me or not, Upworks and Fiverr are the two sources from where you can hire people not only for your organizational works but also for learning purposes. Try publishing your job for teacher requirement for whatever skill you want to learn and then check your email where tons of brilliant people will be willing to teach you your required skill. You can also try Fiverr for the same purpose where you have to manually find a suitable teacher.


Search your key phrase in google for the skill you want to learn and you’ll find amazing results including free and paid learning resources. You can find specific forums of your required skill and take their membership for communicating with people having same expertise and skills. They will guide you to some other excellent resources of your niche.


Udemy is the best source of learning for almost anything you want to learn, for example, graphic design, logo design, digital illustration, drawing, painting, communication skills, basins skills etc. The best thing is you can learn from Udemy whenever you want, where ever you want, there is no limitation of time and space in learning from Udemy. You can purchase courses there and also they sometimes offer up to 90 to 99% discounts on their regular course price occasionally.

Don’t be lazy, just try these sources and learn whatever you want to learn because “Knowledge is Power” which you can use to boost your career. See some great recommended graphic design tutorials here


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