3 Impacts of Font Used In Your Design

Typography is one of the strongest pillars of any design. Whether you have designed a great piece of a brochure, but used a wrong typography, 

then chances are your designed piece is far less impactful than you think and same feelings you will have from your client too.

Most beginner designers, when designing their projects, they give very little importance to the typography in their designs and that is one of the main difference between an experienced designer and a novice. Even some of the experienced designers do not give weight to typography as it deserves.

It is very best to learn about the typography and then search for great fonts and use them in your designs intelligently. You should thoroughly learn about the rules of typography. There are some very good books on typography which you should read and also there is a very good video tutorial course on typography which will skyrocket your typography and type talent.

Following are the 3 main impacts you have on your design when you have good typography in your graphic designs:

1. Professional Look

When you use a proper typeface which matches the personality of your message then it increases the impact of design 2 times more and using wrong fonts reverse the impact. (Best Typeface Here)

2. Your Credibility As a Designer Improves

When your design has proper typography then your design looks great and it means when you present your design to your clients, chances are they approve your design straightaway and they will start thinking about you as a specialist and expert designer and start relying on your opinions.

3. Increase in Your Business

As your client starts building trust on you then he or she will always choose you for his / her projects and this is the point where your business starts increasing from that client and you have more financial benefits than other designers. Although typography is not the only factor for an increase or decrease in business but doesn’t forget that it is the first impression of your design which client takes after viewing and typography is the pillar which can make or break your design.


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