3ds Max + Corona Renderer

This course will guide you through the main stages of creating unbelievable environments in 3Ds max and Corona renderer…

3ds max + Corona Renderer Creating Amazing Worlds

3ds max + Corona Renderer Creating Amazing Worlds

Welcome to the Digital Landscapes course! My name is Igor Golyuk. I’m a professional 3D artist and I want to share this surprising and really valuable course with you.

Using the information from this course, you’ll be able to get unbelievable work opportunities in various industries including cinema, video games, architecture, and more.

My course Digital Landscapes will completely explore the topic of creating beautiful and photorealistic worlds in 3ds Max and Corona Renderer.

A bit about the benefits of Corona Renderer:

  • Corona Renderer is a modern highly efficient photorealistic renderer.
  • Corona Renderer first and foremost is very easy to use. It practically doesn’t need special settings and has powerful functions and produces fantastic, photorealistic results.
  • Corona Renderer is used by a huge number of professional 3D artists.

Digital Landscapes is a unique course that has fundamental knowledge and my personal practice that I’ve accumulated over the years. It has as useful and necessary information as possible that will help you unlock your potential in computer graphics.

When you finish the course, you’ll have created several beautiful scenes and will already have the base skills to create your own backgrounds and share them with the community or use them in your own projects.

In any case, this will unlock a wonderful capability for you and give you the chance to create a successful career as a 3D artist.

Don’t miss this chance! Enroll today and start creating amazing worlds right now!

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