4 Ways To Earn Through Your Creative Digital Arts

There are many ways these days to earn online, neither they are easy nor they are difficult. There are some sites which are really heaven for creatives. 5 of them we will discuss here where you can earn more than your expectations by selling your digital arts or services.

1. Upwork.com

upwork.com is one of the most reputed website where you can find projects posted by people from around the world. Some of them pay really for their projects. Upwork has free and paid memberships to bid on projects from a vast list of fields for example if you are architect, then you can find projects related to architecture or if you are graphic designer or web developer then you have vast choice of projects which you can find there and send your proposal for the particular project you like to have.

2. Fiverr.com

The other very famous site for freelancers is Fiverr.com . Fiverr is a good site for freelancers to sell almost any kind of skill they have but its a bit low profile site in terms of income as compared to upwork.com.

3. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is another site where graphic designers, web designers, web developers, software developers copywriters can sell their services to clients from different areas of the world at higher prices also.

4. Shutterstock.com

Yes shutterstock.com, you can sell your digital art at shutterstock.com. Their crieteria is a bit higher than others but once your digital art (vector illustrations, graphic arts, icons, photography) approved, they place your art on their website and then whole world becomes your buyer.

You can also learn how to make a great professional quality art to sell from the tutorials available here at highly discounted prices. So what you are waiting for ? start your online selling business but first learn and then earn. Best of luck!


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