5 Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials

If you want to create amazing infographics design, data visualization, or animated infographics, visual storytelling After Effects CC is the perfect tool for the job. With After Effects CC, you can easily create stunning visuals using data visualization templates or by designing your own from scratch. Data visualization is all about taking complex data and turning it into easy-to-understand visuals.

After Effects CC makes this process easy with its built-in graph builder and various data visualization tools. You can also animate your data visualizations to bring them to life. There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to creating infographics in After Effects CC. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, be sure to check out our collection of After Effects CC tutorials:

1. After Effects CC Expressions: Design & Animate Infographics

Create Infographics Design, Data Visualization, Animated Infographics & Data Visualization Templates in After Effects CC. Things that you will learn in this course are

  • Create Animated infographics from Graphic Percent to Area Graphs2.
  • Understand and use expressions to help create modular infographics
  • Learn how to build complete Infographic projects with controls and templates
  • Apply pro techniques to change graph values

2. Futuristic HUD Motion Graphics in After Effects

Learn how to create motion graphics in After Effects like what you see in Iron Man, Star Wars, or other action movies. Things that you will learn in this after effects tutorial are:

  • Create Futuristic HUD Effects from scratch all within After Effects.
  • Use simple After Effects expressions to save hours of animating time.
  • Use simple shape layers to create something visually stunning.
  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Animating
  • Learn how to use 2D elements in 3D environments
  • Take clunky animations and give them fluid motions

3. After Effects Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Learn how to use industry-standard motion graphics, animation, and visual effects software with this course. Things that you will learn in this After Effects tutorial are:

  • Create eye-catching motion graphics, animations, and visual effects
  • Text animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Animating infographics
  • Visual Effects
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • At the end of each chapter, you will have a practical task to complete.

4. Animate with Depth: Cameras, Lights, and 3D Layers in AE

Learn to master 3D composition and animation in Adobe After Effects with this thorough, step-by-step guide. Things that you’ll learn in this After Effects tutorial:

  • Create 3D compositions, from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop layers, inside Adobe After Effects. Add and animate cameras and lights inside compositions Create 3D animations productively and with greater understanding.
  • Set up your Photoshop and Illustrator documents for After Effects importing
  • Create 3D layers in After Effects.
  • Change and animate 3D layer properties.
  • Add and animate cameras.
  • Add and animate lights.
  • Understand the different types of lights and cameras.
  • Understand the material options layers can have.
  • Work with Depth of field, camera blur, orientation, aperture and focus distance.
  • Easily navigate compositions with a lot of lights, shadows and layers.
  • Be productive and efficient when working with many layers.
  • Understand the concept of 2.5D.
  • Add multiple views to view your scene.
  • Work with parenting and composition
  • Create different camera angles.
  • Preview your work quickly
  • Render and compress animations.

5. Full Character Rigging in After Effects, Knowing Everything

Learn Everything you want to know about character rigging in after effects and make yourself needless forever. Things that you’ll learn in this After Effects tutorial:

  • What character is right for the Rig
  • preparing the character for a professional Rig
  • Using The expression for rigging
  • Rigging the different views of the character
  • Creating the hand states for the character
  • Creating the Mouth states for Lip Sync animation
  • Rigging eyes and eyebrows
  • Controlling the Character Components by Sliders
  • Import the rigged character in different scenes

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