Affinity Photo For Beginners

Affinity Photo for Beginners – Create your own amazing photo composites with this complete Affinity Photo course!

Affinity Photo A Beginner's Guide to Photo Compositing
Affinity Photo For Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Photo Compositing

Welcome to the complete Photo Compositing in Affinity Photo for beginners course!
You will learn compositing your own amazing designs in Affinity Photo for beginners.
What Will You Learn?

  • An easy and complete process for making photo composites
  • Selecting the right images for your composites
  • Layering and masking your images
  • Making local adjustments like lighting and color
  • Unifying your design with shadows
  • Adding global adjustments and fine-tuning
  • Using blend modes, light leaks and effects

Learn By Doing
Each project contains all the downloadable assets you need to follow along. At the end of this course, you’ll have skills you can use to have fun or get paid work as a graphic designer.

What is Photo Compositing?
Photo compositing is combining many images into a single design. This skill is often used in commercial advertisements. Making it a profitable skill. Make your own designs professional and eye-catching is not an easy task. You’ll learn the professional techniques and process in this course.

About Your Instructor:
Jeremy Hazel is a professional graphic artist. She loves sharing his knowledge with students like you. Jeremy is providing the best Affinity Photo compositing course. This you cay start making your own photo composites!

If you ever have a problem, Jeremy will be there to help you out!
Enroll now with now risk. If you’re not enjoying the course, Udemy will refund your buy with no questions asked.

100% 30-day Money Back Guarantee
See you inside the course!

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