Amazing Markers for Procreate

Amazing Markers for Procreate

Marker texture and brush behavior are as realistic as they ever could be in digital! You will fall in love with these brush sets!

All brushes are carefully gather together into alcohol-based markers. (classic texture of Copic), old felt markers (marker texture look after 5-6 artworks have done with them), pigment markers (something between watercolor and marker), calligraphy markers (accurate and highly controlled script and expressive brush pen).

And realistic additional but not less important for sketching tools: pen, gel pen, mechanical pencil, color pencil, blender.

Marker tips: • Bullet – it is a fine tip, reminiscent of a classic felt tip. Draws a line of the same width, a spot, and a gradient can be run by active filling of the plane.

• Brush – the soft and flexible tip. It gives both a thin and wide line, the thickness of which varies depending on the pressure. With a brush, you can effortlessly achieve the smoothest transition between shades. This is the type of tip essential for manufacturers of traditional markers for sketching and illustration.

• Chisel – the wide nib is handy for even and quick painting of large surfaces.

• Wide chisel – for filling very large planes with one color, interior/urban sketches.

In zip included:

  • 25 brushes (file ended in .brushset);
  • 4-in-1 marker canvas template (file ended in .procreate; 3500x3500px 300dpi; 4 textured papers to choose + 3 my sketches to help you start faster);
  • 14 color palettes (files ended in .swatch, 100% like Copic palettes); video:
  • help tips (jpg file)

This brush set is set up for procreate and iPad with apple pencil. It will not work on your computer!

Ask me if you have questions via DM here or via email: [email protected]

Happy ProCreating!

Amazing Markers for Procreate
Amazing Markers for Procreate
Amazing Markers for Procreate
Amazing Markers for Procreate
Amazing Markers for Procreate

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