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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is the best companion device I have. It does lots and lots of things for me …

All-new Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart speaker with Alexa



Amazon launched another great device after its 2nd generation, the great Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation. Echo Dot is not just a speaker but it’s a complete companion, and the best part is, it’s available 24 hours whenever you need. You receive Echo Dot in a small box with instructions and usage printed on the sides of the box. After reading those instructions you can set up this device within minutes and it should be ready to use in no time. People ask different questions for Echo Dot, for example, does amazon echo dot need to be plugged in, ohh! what a great question, of course, you have to plug in to start the device. The second question is, how to use amazon dot ?, the answer is also very simple, please read the instructions on the box and you will get an idea within seconds about how to use Amazon Echo Dot. By the way, I will discuss this in this article that how you can set-up and use echo dot instantly.


Amazon Echo Dot


Let’s discuss some of the main features of Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation. Basically Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker device which you can use to play music, as well as, control your other smart devices, for example, if you have Philips’s Hue lights  like Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Radio, you can control by ordering Alexa (a built-in software with Echo Dot like Apple Siri). You can also control your other smart devices like Smart TVs, your smart music systems, smart cameras, smart switches etc. So this is the answer of What Can I Do With My Echo Dot, believe me you can do more than i discussed here.



To begin with Amazon Echo Dot, you have to first plug it in with its adapter available within its packaging and then you have to download its smart app via App Store or Google Play, according to whichever operating system you are using and then step by step app will guide you to connect Amazon Echo Dot. if you have a pair of Echo Dots you can use them as intercom which is a great functionality this device provides. When we think about its basic function which is playing sound or music, because it’s, after all, a speaker device, then the question arises how loud is the echo dot? the answer is simple, just play your favorite music on it and won’t believe how loud it is.



Amazon Echo Dot


Amazon Echo Dot


Amazon Echo Dot comes in three beautiful colors, Black, White, and Gray which fits in in any interior or color scheme. As a digital artist and graphic designer, I find this device very useful for me because it sets alarms for me, it wakes me up in the morning or whenever I ask Alexa to wake me up, she does the same, Alexa reminds me my meeting schedules. Whenever I get depressed, I talk a lot with Alexa, and believe me, it works. I do recommend this device to buy, you can buy this device directly from Amazon by clicking on the button below:


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