Learn to create an animated character in Blender using only open-source software…

Create an Animated Character in Blender 2.9

Create an Animated Character in Blender 2.9

Welcome to “Create an Animated Character in Blender 2.9.” This course uses only open-source software, Blender and the paint program Krita, to create an animated character from the first polygon to the final rendered animation.

We will begin by first bringing in the reference images of the character. And use Blender’s modeling tools to create the face with proper edge-flow for animation. We’ll create the hands, the feet, and the clothes. And when the modeling is done, we will UV map all the parts of the character, and we will use that UV map for our texturing.

In the texturing phase, we will use Krita to create the textures for the clothes, and Blender’s own Texture Paint tools to paint the details of the skin. You’ll learn how to use Blender’s Particle System to create, cut, and comb the character’s hair.

And then we will use Blender’s Rigify rigging system to set-up the bones of the character. We will bind the character mesh to the rig, and adjust the weights to improve the deformations.

And when all of that is done, we will begin animating the character. You’ll learn how to set-up a reference video in Blender’s interface, how to animate character movements, and how to create lip-sync animation for a dialogue track.

In the end, we will add the music and sound effects, and then render the final animation to a video file.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own 3D animated character, then this course is for you. Using all open-source software, this course goes through every step of the process. So join me, and learn how to Create an Animated Character with Blender 2.9.

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