ART of Video Games

Learn to create game environments. Draw concept art, create 3D models, texture in Substance Painter, and build in Unity…

Learn the ART of Video Games

Learn the ART of Video Games

Creating environment art for video games can be a technical endeavor, but at its core, it’s an art form. Simply pulling assets from an online store, and dropping them into an off-the-shelf game engine isn’t enough in today’s competitive industry.

You need fundamental art skills, and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to create your own art and present your skills.

Creating art is at the heart of this course, but creating visuals is not just about the art, it’s also about the ideas and the design that spawn the art.¬†You will start at the beginning, at the design phase, and learn how to extract art-related information from a game design document and create a map for your scene.

  • Create an art brief for your own project.
  • Create a Map / Level design.

To create stunning concept art, you need a firm understanding of art fundamentals. 

  • The Horizon Line.
  • 1, 2, and 3 point perspective.
  • Light, shadow, and value.
  • Color.

I will then take you through the process of creating concept art, and show you techniques you can use to create quick-speed paintings based on the fundamentals you have learned.

Finally, we’ll move into more advanced modeling and UV mapping techniques, and build ALL the components for our scene, using our white box as a guide. We’ll create PBR textures in Substance Painter; export everything from 3DS Max, and drop it into Unity where we’ll build the scene using the assets you have created.

  • Create detailed, final assets.
  • UV Map.
  • Create textures in Substance Painter.
  • Build and light the scene in Unity.

This course is perfect for anybody seriously wishing to pursue a career as an environment artist in the games industry and would like to experience the process and pipeline from scratch.

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