Become a UI And UX Designer

A complete guide to UI and UX basics and UI Design, Motion, Interactive Prototype and Weekly Tutorials…



Become a UI/UX Designer | Everything You need to know

Become a UI And UX Designer Everything You need to know



Do you want to start working as a UI Designer? 

Do you want to understand what is UI / UX and other basic staffs to start your journey in UI / UX Design?

Then This is a course is a perfect course is for you , as you know UI / UX is an important phase of software development and when you use Udemy to learn without User Interface elements and User experience researches and information you will not able to use this web application in this way or when you browse in Website and you feel tired of using it its mean that UX researches and Backbone of that product is weak and useless or if you love working with a software or website you love colors of website or any other visual elements with good emotions that you have while working with a specific website and software or a product its mean that UI / UX is of following website or any other products or very strong and powerful .

We have 5 Section in this course and this is almost a complete course for people that want to start working as a UI designer. We will focus on UI Design then UX in this course although we will talk about some basic and how to consider UX principles while creating UI for an application.

1- SECTION | 00-Basic: in this section, we will talk about some basics and must know topics before jumping to an actual design process for example what is UI / UX itself? Tools for creating Prototypes and other basic staffs with Slides for download.

2- SECTION | 01-UI Prototype Design for Mobile Application in Adobe Photoshop: in this section, we will start from collecting information about our application that we want to design UI for it and we will start from icon design up to creating 5 screens with Icons and all details and UI elements.

3- SECTION | 02- UI Motion Prototype and Mockup in Adobe After Effect: in this section, we take all those designs from Photoshop and start creating motion for each UI Elements and transitions between a screen and combine all of them put it into an iPhone screen.


view free videos of this course here


4- SECTION | 03- Interactive Mock-up with Flinto: This is very cool section because we Create interactive mock-up and we will test it on our browser and on an actual smartphone using powerful UI Design tools Flinto.

5- SECTION | 04- Starting Career as a UI Designer: We will talk about where to go from here? how to get a job with any experience? what are must-read books to read before applying to a job? how to build a portfolio and many other staffs.

6- SECTION | 05- Sketch for Everyone: Getting Started with Sketch App: Sketch is one of the lightweight and inexpensive application for OSX that allows us to design UI / UX Design without investing too much money and time in this section we will go in depth of Sketch in 1.15 Hrs.

7-SECTION |  06- Invision App: Using envision for UI/UX Design / Prototype and Usability testing.

8- SECTION | 07- WEEKLY Tutorials: We will have tutorials on a specific topic about UI and Graphic design once a week to boost up your skills in this field.

9- SECTION | 08- Designing Facebook iPhone app in Sketch: Creating 5 main Screen of Facebook Application in Sketch.

Keep in mind,  that we do not use any third party plugins on any of these applications. We will use powerful built-in tools of this software.


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