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Blender 2.81 - Substance painter - Sci fi asset creation

Blender 2.81 – Substance painter – Sci fi asset creation



Blender 2.81, in this creation, we will discover the process of creating science fiction assets. We will take as example the creation of a rifle for video game.

This training, will allow you to discover a complete workflow and discover features of both software.

This training, is divided into 5 chapters that will follow the process of creating the basic forms to texturing and importing into a game engine.

In the first chapter, we will watch in depth the specific modeling tools that we will use in Blender, once these notions have been acquired, we will be able to proceed to the modeling of the rifle in chapter two. In chapter 3 we will add details into the model.


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Chapter 4 will be in Substance painter for texturing, and then we will come back to Blender in Chapter 5 to render the project on both rendering engines Cycles and Eevee. We will also discover how to make a complete set to experiment new forms and We will import our final model on Sketchfab and Unity.

As a bonus in this training you will also find two complete models that have been produced with the same creative techniques, a complete droid and a complete mecha, these models are rigged and textured ready to be used in your projects. I do not put any restrictions into it.

The source files are included in the training and allow you to understand the entire workflowfrom the beginning to the end.


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