Learn the foundations of Looping 3D animation. Learn by doing approach on Blender 3.0 (Looping Animation)…

Blender 3.0 (Looping Animation)

Blender 3.0 (Looping Animation)

This course will teach you how to create professional 3D looping animations utilizing the free open-source software Blender!

You will learn:

  • Non Destructive 3D modeling
  • Modifiers and Constraints Workflow
  • Lighting and Camera Setup
  • Compositing and Rendering
  • Procedural Animation Utilizing Empty Objects & Modifiers

I will walk you through from start to finish the process of creating a looping animation inside of Blender. You will learn valuable techniques and workflows to boost your personal productivity within the software. Create an awesome 3D looping animation for your portfolio!

You will learn how to create a non-destructive model, which we will modify utilizing modifiers and instances.

You will be learning how to set up lighting for your scene and how to set up your digital camera.

Moving on from that, we will be walking through the compositing and rendering inside of Blender.

Who this course is for:

  • Art Students
  • Beginners to Blender wanting to expand their skillset
  • Advertisers
  • Motion Graphic Artists

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