Cinema 4D Complete Modeling!

Master the polygon modeling, create any object you want…

Cinema 4D Complete Vol. 2. All about Modeling!

Cinema 4D Complete Vol. 2. All about Modeling!

Polygon modeling is at the core of every 3D application. Whatever field you are going to work in, you will need to know how to push points, edges, and polygons to make your vision come true.

I’m Lionel VICIDOMINI, a Maxon Certified Instructor, Maxon Master Trainer, and Motion Designer based in Paris, France. I believe that in order to truly master software you have to learn it by the details.

I have created this series of training, to create a video manual of Cinema 4D and to be the most thorough possible while being entertaining.

In this training you will learn:

  • How to select, move, scale and rotate polygons precisely, fluently, and as fast as possible to allow a smoother workflow.
  • All about splines, those vector shapes that are so useful when you want to create complex objects.
  • The generators, such as the mirror, the semester, and the all-powerful Subdivision Surface, at the very core of polygon modeling.
  • The polygon commands, such as the extrude, bevel tool, but also the stich’n’sew and many less known tools.
  • The deformers, which allow you to reshape objects to your needs or even create whole models from simple primitives.
  • OpenVDB modeling, another way to create complex objects parametrically without the hassle of polygons.

Several workshops at the end of the course will teach you real-life examples and how to model many objects: a screw, a spoon, a coffee cup and its holder, a soccer ball, and many others.

This training has been recorded on the R23 but you can follow it easily on previous versions of the software, down to R17.

It is not required to have followed the first volume of the series, but it can greatly help, especially if you are new to 3D.

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