Composition in Photography Masterclass

Master the composition of your photos, learn how to see the composition around, learn how to analyze your photography…



Composition in Photography Masterclass

Composition in Photography Masterclass



Welcome to the Composition in Photography Masterclass!

Whether a beginner or advanced in the field, this course will be useful for you. Here you may find the answers to your questions:

  • Why does composition matter?
  • How can you compose the frame on the go?
  • How can you learn to see composition around – a very important prerequisite, in order to start taking better photos?
  • How can composition help you improve your overall understanding of photography?
  • Why is it important to be able to analyze your own photos – as well as the photos you see? My name is Denis Buchel, I am an experienced photographer and my goal is to help you improve your photography skills. I have been a lecturer in different photography courses, I have spoken about photography in various exhibition openings. What I noticed in people is that they are always interested in how things work, how they really happen on the field. Why, for example, there are some photos which are getting more popularity than others. The uniting theme here is composition. The composition is everywhere, it helps you structure one frame, it helps you take advantage of every detail you are surrounded by.


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  • During the course, I’ll be explaining everything with my own photos. You will see that everything is possible when you master the language of photography composition, of composition rules. We will start with the basics – what BALANCE is, how to achieve it. From there on we’ll move to the different composition rules – the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Ratio, the Golden Spiral, till we reach the point where we’ll be doing overall composition analysis.All of the time we will be analyzing photography – a really valuable skill a few people have. And a few photographers speak about, in fact, especially when it comes to analyzing their own photos.The course is recorded by Vyara Georgieva, that’s why you’ll hear a female voice one you start it.

    You are on the way to start an amazing journey in the world of photography! What are you waiting for? Join us today! Let me help you improve your photography skills!

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