Desino Gaming PC Computer Desk

DESINO Gaming Desk 40 inch PC Computer, Home Office Desk

This Desino Gaming Desk is super sturdy and stable. The assembly process is fairly simple, but you may want someone to help you out. I was able to do it by myself in about an hour.

Overall Gaming Style: DESINO gaming desk integrates the virtual into the real, turn fantasy into life, let every player indulge in the game world, let every player experience the world of the game even at home.

DESINO Gaming Desk 40 inch PC Computer Desk

Innovative Sturdy Structure: Add Crossbars and Struts to make the structure more stable than a regular table, let the gamers operate accurately. The max load is up to 250 lbs.

Easy Assemble & Multi-Function: This computer gaming desk adds a monitor stand, cup holder, and headphone hook, providing comfortable gaming and working environment.

Quick Response Customer Service: Efficiency and professionalism are our commitment to every customer, and every order has a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.

DESINO Gaming Desk 40 inch PC Computer Desk

Lightweight – durable – stable – looks amazing – and you won’t find a 55′ desk with the headphone holder and cup holder for cheaper. The price point sold me because I had another one in my cart that was identical but at $200.


Tall even with the feet screwed all the way in. The great length can fit two monitors with plenty of room to add a drawer unit on one end.

Depth is also great; I don’t feel squished having both monitors, my keyboard, and my mouse all on the desk.

The stickers on the legs are very easy to peel off (they’re so tacky-looking and one of my legs arrived with damaged stickers anyway).


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