A complete step by step guide to illustrating fantasy art elements and characters…



Digital Painting Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5

Digital Painting Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5



In this course, you will learn how to digitally draw and paint a variety of fantasy art elements. You will learn how to create magical weapons, rock formations, power effects, foliage, and a fully detailed character step by step. You will be given all sorts of neat tricks and techniques to create this type of artwork while using the very powerful and affordable program Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.


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This course starts with the basic elements and allows you to grow at your own pace until you are ready for the full character creation by the end. You will also get all the art files and custom brushes to study along with. I am here if you have any questions or feedback for me! Thank you for visiting my course and good luck with your studies!


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