Double Exposure Photoshop Effect

Have you ever wanted to take the best traits from different images and combine them together for the more unique and beneficial aesthetics?…

What is the Double Exposure Effect?

Double Exposure is a photographic technique is the combination of two exposures to create one single image. This is the very popular technique which gives very interesting results. You can easily achieve the effect using this Photoshop template. You can easily achieve the professional-looking double exposure effect right inside Photoshop.

Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Template

You can accomplish the finest results easily and efficiently. Mix and match the most unexpected picture duets by the succession of simple steps you need to take! It can be a funny image for your advertisement or a dramatic album cover, maybe even your own “True Detective” opening credits version these and many other action applications are within arm’s reach.

Package Has The Following Assets

  • PSD file with Smart Layers (4000×3000, 300dpi);
  • 20 pattern overlays;
  • 12 scatter brushes;
  • thorough guidelines.
  • Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop
  • Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

Generic Category (English)640x480

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