Use this simple technique and learn how to draw great cartoon characters in no time. Make your dream come true…

The Ultimate guide to drawing cartoon characters

The Ultimate guide to drawing cartoon characters

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a character designer or an illustrator of children´s books or just to be able to draw cartoony characters for your kids, even teaching them how to do it, this is the right course for you.

It can be overwhelming when you don´t know how to start and where to start from. But I will show you one very simple technique which will open the doors to your creativity and will take away your fear of failure once and for all. Because this is the only thing that is stopping you from that unfulfilled dream of yours.

So, what will you learn here:

  1. How to loosen your hand and free your mind through the right technique so that you can draw anything you want.
  2. Understand the basics of what makes a character look cartoony, cute, or evil.
  3. Understand and experiment with many different designs for making a cartoony character. Find your own style.
  4. Give motion and emotion to your character.
  5. Learn how to apply facial expressions to exactly your particular character and design.
  6. Attach the right facial expression to a body posture to make the emotion stronger.
  7. How to keep the proportions of the character the same in different drawings.
  8. How to draw cartoony hands.

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