Powerful email marketing that delivers results. For entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals, and organizations in 2022…

Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Course


Welcome to my course that will teach you the 10 email marketing strategies I use to gain thousands of new email subscribers every month, and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

My name’s Nik Swami and I’m an entrepreneur with a collection of online businesses that each generate up to $45,000 per month – a lot of which comes from email marketing.

So, what are my 10 email marketing strategies? You’ll be getting live on-screen video demonstrations for each of them throughout this course. I primarily use Mailchimp in the course.

Email Marketing Strategy

  • 1: You’ll learn how to unleash your email marketing model, which will help you to plan, send and manage your emails to get the best possible results
  • 2: You’ll learn how to apply the five principles for sending successful emails. Your emails are delivered, opened, and read.
  • 3: You’ll learn how to rapidly grow your email list. To get highly targeted subscribers in the shortest amount of time

Then in the next 7 strategies, you’ll learn all of the different types of emails that you should send for email marketing, how to set them up and why they’re so effective at getting amazing results.

They are:

  • 4: Welcome emails
  • 5: Promotional emails
  • 6: Sales emails
  • 7: Retargeting emails
  • 8: Loyalty emails
  • 9: Feedback emails
  • 10: On-demand emails

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, an influencer, a professional, or any type of organization that wants to absolutely crush it with email marketing – on Mailchimp or any other platform – then this email marketing course is for you!

Anyone who enrolls in this course will also have direct access to me and my team through Udemy’s messaging platform, by email and you can also join me on Instagram.

It’s time to learn email marketing the RIGHT way!

See you on the other side!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to crush it with email marketing by growing their mailing list and sales
  • The email marketing strategies covered are suitable for all levels of experience

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