Flyout Custom Content for WordPress



Flyout Custom Content for WordPress

Flyout Custom Content for WordPress



BNE Flyouts is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas content that are displayed by pushing or sliding over your page content. Flyouts or “panels” can display contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, social feeds, display banners, include a custom menu, biography, or even custom data using a shortcode you’ve created elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless! With BNE Flyouts at the helm incorporate advanced content areas with other plugins and your theme providing additional user ability options and information. Need to show secret content only for logged in users we have you covered. Need to add a call to action button that goes to another page, we have that covered too.


  • Unlimited Number of Flyouts!
  • Each Flyout background and font color can be styled individually.
  • Add any type of content, HTML, text, images, and most shortcodes.
  • Custom Menu support.
  • Hide Flyout trigger buttons/images based on screen size.
  • Trigger a Flyout from any page link, image, button, or menu item.
  • Default Triggers are either Buttons or Images and float on the left, top, right, or bottom edge of the browser window.
  • Restrict Flyouts to pages, post, user roles, etc.
  • Option to set triggers to go to a internal/external page instead of a Flyout.
  • Automatic Updates from the WordPress Dashboard.

Plugin Settings:

  • Flyout settings are styled and configured individually. Each Flyout’s width, location, background, and font colors can be uniquely edited.
  • Flyouts can either push the page content or slide over it.


Download Flyout Custom Content for WordPress

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