Full 3D Character Course

Full 3D game character for Absolute beginners…

Zbrush -Blender -Substance Painter full 3D character course

Zbrush -Blender -Substance Painter full 3D character course

In this course, we will learn Zbrush, Blender, and Substance Painter from scratch. You will learn how to make characters like this one from the high poly,  through retopology and UVs ( all in Zbrush) fix your mesh and prepare it for baking in Blender and then bake and make textures in Substance Painter. 

As a bonus we will make a pose and render both the high and the low poly to make a better presentation.

First, we will start with the basics of Zbrush. We will then learn how to sculpt by making a female head. After that, we will bring the most used brushes on the main Ui, to have easier access to them and at least double our speed. Following will be bringing our concept into Zbrush and start sculpting it from the sphere.

We will have a detailed look into all sculpting methods and techniques, required for making this character. After we colorize and refine it, we will pose our superhero in Zbrush, make render passes and combine them in Photoshop for portfolio render.

Then we will take the t-posed version and start retopologizing it by hand in Zbrush. I will tell you all you need to know about how and why I do my retopology in Zbrush. After we are done with retopology we will unwrap the character again in Zbrush.

And at last, it will be time to bring it into Blender. I will get you familiar with the Blender interface and the features to get you started. Then we will quickly fix some problems on our mesh and resize and arrange our Uvs inside Blender to fully prepare captain Fenix for texturing.

Then we will export our hero from Blender, open Substance Painter, and get familiar with its interface and features. After that, we will import our model there, bake all necessary maps and start making our materials. We will experiment and even have a little bit of fun with the materials, maybe. When we finish with the fun, we will concentrate on exporting the textures out of Substance Painter.

And then will come to the bonus and experiment section of the course. We will put the textures in Blender to see our model there in its full glory. Then I will show you how to get a ready skeleton for your meshes from vintage Blender, adjust it to our model, and attach our model to the bones of the skeleton. After that, we will move and pose the model with the help of the bones. When we are ready with the pose I will teach you how to render in Blender and even make a turntable animation for better presentation.

In the end, we will spend 30 minutes talking about Artstation, portfolio, and successful presentation with examples and some practical advice.

Since this is an absolute beginner’s course, no previous knowledge of Zbrush, Blender, or Substance Painter is required. I just always recommend with my courses that you practice and do the things I do, in order to get the best possible learning experience. So let’s open Zbrush and dive into the world of 3D characters.

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