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The Ultimate Guide To The GoPro Hero 9 Beginner To Expert

The Ultimate Guide To The GoPro Hero 9 Beginner To Expert

Learn how to use the GoPro Hero 9 from a former member of the GoPro Media Team! This course will introduce you to the best settings and modes for every situation. You will also learn about GoPro mounting, photography, videography, and video editing.

With this course, you will fully understand every mode and setting, when to use it, and why.

  • Select the right mode, resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio for every situation.
  • Master the HyperSmooth stabilization, the Smart Capture settings, and the horizon leveling.
  • Create incredible time-lapses, TimeWarps (hyper lapses), and night lapses.
  • Set the best professional ProTune settings and Presets.
  • Use all the unique photo modes and outputs including Raw photos, Super photos, and HDR photos.
  • The best mounts for unique angles and different sports.

This course will also give you an in-depth look at photography and filmmaking skills to help you take better photos and videos.

  • You will learn photography composition and framing.
  • Understand basic story structure and the four building blocks of a GoPro edit.
  • Make a shot list for a day of filming.

You will learn how to edit a great video with music, graphics, and slow-motion using the GoPro App in just ten minutes! You will download the footage directly to your phone and quickly make exciting and fun edits.

The course features over 3 hours of video with examples from professional productions with top-level athletes.

I am an action sports/adventure filmmaker, the author of the Ultimate Guide to the GoPro book series, and a former employee of GoPro. I worked on the GoPro media team creating some of the incredible commercials, YouTube films, and launch videos you have seen. In this course, I will teach you how to get the same quality of your camera.

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