Halftone Zine Machine PSD

Halftone Zine Machine PSD + Action

About the Product

Just copy, paste and live-edit your image with 14 unique halftone zine patterns. Our Smart PSD functionality lets you switch patterns instantly with complete control of pattern scale, image, and background color in a non-destructive workflow that keeps your original image alive and well.

There’s zero guesswork with no need for image mode conversion just to see your results.

Key Features:

  • Super fast and easy-to-use. Just paste your image into the PSD and choose a pattern layer.
  • Includes a huge variety of halftone patterns you won’t find anywhere else; from subtly grainy halftone dots to savagely distressed noise.
  • Instantly re-create the aesthetic of pre-digital copiers, Risograph printers, and vintage one-color press.
  • Completely non-destructive. Keeps your original image alive and well for fast editing and experimentation.
  • Live-editing! Control your halftone pattern scale on the fly with no need to “convert to bitmap” just to see the results.
  • Take complete control over ink/toner and paper color, or kick it old-school in black and white.
  • Perfect for fast processing of black & white halftone images with 1-click export of ultra high res 1-bit images for use in illustrator & InDesign.
  • Helper actions assist to fast exporting and compositing in separate files.

Generic Category (English)640x480


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