How to Charge Client for Your Creative Works – Part 1

Getting the realistic and profitable price from your client is a big challenge especially for newbies in the creative world, either for art or design. Pricing correctly to clients is a difficult task if you don’t know or don’t have any record about the time you spent for the completion of the project and how much actually you spent on your project to finish and submit your project to your client.

If you don’t know about the actual pricing formula, which I will tell you later in this article, chances are, you will give the price to your client for creative project based on your gut feelings and fantasy but not on actual facts.

There are two methods for charging clients 1 is hourly based and other is a flat fee for the project its depends upon your geographic area or the client you are working with that how he or she will pay you, either hourly or fixed price project fee. In the next part of this article, I will tell you the actual method how to calculate your hourly or fixed price fees.


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