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How to Color Amazing Hair

How to Color Amazing Hair

How to Color Amazing Hair – Hair color is a tough subject. Getting hair to look realistic and three-dimensional on a flat coloring page is properly tricky. After taking this course, you will color unbelievable hair with ease.

Up your coloring game! Create amazing effects with colored pencils and see an immediate improvement in your coloring style and presentation.

Learn from a professional artist, YouTuber, and author of over a dozen adult coloring books – Lisa Mitrokhin.

Enjoy short, bite-sized lessons, packed with life-changing information, theory, demonstration, and even art history.

Follow along with your instructor at your own pace, and learn to apply what she teaches to other coloring pages by other artists. This course is so much more than a series of color-along. It’s an investment in your coloring future.

Lisa provides all the pages you need to practice the different effects. She draws illustrations specifically for every course.

Here, you will practice on different hair and textures, and cover blond, red, black, and brown hair, and even color highlights.

Make sure to follow the lessons in order, and watch every video all the way through. Feel free to play & back, pause, and take as long as you need on homework assignments.

Lisa is always just a message away. Feel free to reach out to your instructor with a private message, or post questions, comments shots in the Q&A section.

And make sure to stay to the very end. Lisa tends to reward her students for completing a course.

Have fun!

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