Guide to create a concept in 5 minutes to win consumers’ hearts…
Idea and Concept Development

Idea and Concept Development


If you are involved in business or marketing, you will always think of generating new ideas, creating new products, and offering more benefits to your end-users. It is always true. Competition is like swimming upstream, you only go forward or backward. You can not stay in the same position.

New products are the major driver of revenue growth in today’s dynamic business environment. In this course, I organized knowledge into useful and insightful frameworks, covering all aspects of new product development: concept template, key principles to develop concepts, key principles to find winning insights, steps of finding winning insight, creating product platform, etc.


I am not an academic theorist and a professional marketing expert in both traditional business and non-traditional business. I tried to keep this course as short and concise as possible because I can understand that businessmen or managers like us don’t have much time.

This course will help you to…

Discover the principles of developing winning concepts and the steps to get there.

Discover the examples in multi-categories and key principles of finding consumer insight.

Learn 3 steps of finding consumers’ insight.

Learn how to make sure product concepts win and develop a product platform.

Who this course is for:

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