Impastoshop Thick Paint Machine

AD Impastoshop Thick Paint Machine

About the Product

A real-time thick painting machine that enables instant Gesso, Canvas, Wet, Carving, and Varnish Surfaces to your Photoshop brush strokes. It includes a set of more than 30 special layer styles, 15 background textures, and more than 70 amazing brushes that works with the pressure-sensitive capabilities of your pen tablet. AD Impastoshop also gives you the tools to apply depth to your existing artwork!

Impastoshop adds some turpentine smell to your digital art universe!

Use IMPASTOSHOP as a Photoshop panel in PS Creative Cloud (from CC till the latest version), or use it as a group of presets with PS CS6 (Impastoshop Brushes, Layer Styles, Pattern Textures, and Actions).

Impastoshop basically creates layers with realistic Impasto textures that give your brush strokes the appearance of depth. So, building up your artwork with a variety of impasto layers and combining them with the impact shop brushes the possibilities are endless!

What the purchase includes? The file (363 Mb.) includes:

  • The ad.impastoshop_CC2017.zxp (235 Mb.) file containing the panel for Photoshop Creative Cloud.
  • The ad.impastoshop_CS6.zxp (127 Mb.) file containing the required files for Photoshop CS6.
  • A TXT file containing license information, installation instructions and other help.

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