InDesign CC 2018 Master Class

Master the Industry-leading Page Design and Layout Application…



InDesign CC 2018 MasterClass

InDesign CC 2018 Master Class



About the course:

You might be great in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but without mastering InDesign you will be struggling to find a job as a graphic designer. This is a crucial tool and skill to have and if you are not familiar with it already, you should start studying right now.

In this course, we are going to start from the very basics like how to place text and images into a document to complex techniques like how to utilize styles, master pages, how to create an automatic table of contents and so much more. The aim is to teach you the best ways of doing everything in InDesign, to make you confident that you will always know which tool or feature to use in every situation.

Make sure you download the Workbook and Exercise Files and also don’t forget to do Quiz at the end of each chapter to test yourself.


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About InDesign:

Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading page design and layout toolset that lets you work across desktop and mobile devices to create, preflight and publish everything from printed books and brochures to digital magazines, iPad apps, eBooks and interactive online documents. The strength of InDesign lies in its ability to handle long documents with dozens or even hundreds of high-resolution images without any sign of delay or slowing down, and also its immensely powerful typographic features that allow users to refine the copy they work with to the last tiny detail.

InDesign offers the most commonly needed typesetting features similar to other applications but then when you dive deeper you will find a never-ending variety of options that can be used to edit text on the most professional level. But above all the reasons why it became the industry standard desktop publishing application is thanks to its time-saving features that allows expert users to be extremely productive and efficient.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started and master Adobe InDesign!


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