iPhone Photography

Learn how to shoot and edit creative photos solely on your iPhone…

iPhone Photography: How to shoot and edit creative photos

iPhone Photography: How to shoot and edit creative photos

In this two-hour class, you will join me to learn how to create conceptual images with your iPhone, that will definitely catch your viewer’s eyes! Not only will we discuss practices that will help you to create more regularly but also the setup and apps that help you to create with more ease.

Want to create compelling, creative, and conceptual photos? Learn how to use a camera you already have in your pocket: your phone!

Have you ever wondered how to shoot creative photos with your iPhone? How to get the inspiration and how to edit them without expensive software? Then this course is for you!

You will follow me behind the scenes and I’ll show you step by step how I shoot a brand new conceptual image. You’ll learn how to edit your image solely on your iPhone with all free software and how to communicate your ideas better with your clients.

In thought-through lessons with many examples you will learn:

  • How to make your creative juices flow and get an amazing idea.
  • How to compose your image.
  • How to find the right colors for your concept.
  • How to communicate your ideas with your team or clients.
  • What equipment is useful to invest in.
  • Tricks how to shoot on an iPhone.
  • Which apps to use for editing.
  • Step by step guide on how to edit.

So let’s get started! Can’t wait to see what you create!

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