Laptop Screen Protector

Laptop Screen Protector Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter, FORITO Eye Protection

Laptop Screen Protector Fits for 15.6 inch with Aspect Ratio 16:9 laptop -DIAGONALLY MEASURED 15.6”(Measured Viewable Display Area Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame), filter size(W x H): 13.6 inch (34.5cm) x 7.6 inch (19.4cm) [!!! if you are a newbie, Refer to picture 7 to use].

Blue light filter, Anti Glare, UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, Anti-static, relieve the fatigue of eyes and help you sleep better.

Enhanced 7 Layers Anti-blue Light Filter

As the industry’s leading screen filter manufacturer, FORITO has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, with strict quality standards from material selection and product technology, using advanced technology to provide high-quality products.

Not Just A Blue Light Screen Filter:

  • Anti-static Screen protector.
  • Anti Glare Screen Protector.
  • Anti-scratch Screen protector.
  • 100% UV400 Blocking Screen protector.
  • Radiation Protection Screen protector.
  • Relieve the fatigue of eyes Screen protector.

Laptop Screen Protector Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter

Make Sure is the right size before buying

Correct measurement screen size, THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL.

  • 1. Determine your screen type is a raised bezel or a flat front glass.
  • 2. According to the screen type, measure your screen size.
  • 3. Compare with screen filter size, filter size must be smaller than the screen.

FORITO 15.6 Inch Anti Glare Filter Size:

  • Diagonal Length: 15.6 inch (39.6cm).
  • Width: 13.6 inches (34.5cm).
  • Height: 7.6 inches (19.4cm).
  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
  • Please allow the protector size with a tiny difference

Good screen protector, but it doesn’t come with any Alcohol wipes as any other one does, also since it’s two of them you should be giving us 2 sets of installation equipment.

Laptop Screen Protector Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter

95% Transparency, not reduce the screen brightness

  • 95% Ultra Transparency Almost invisible.
  • preserves the original screen brightness to reduce eye strain.
  • No Need to increase the screen’s brightness, Not reduce battery life.

Disrupt Your Body’s Natural Cycle It is so important in regulating our body’s natural sleep and wake cycle in order to get good sleep, but absorb too much blue light can disrupt this cycle, causes you cannot to fall asleep at night and cannot wake up generally at the next morning.

Digital Eye Fatigue When you are facing the digital screen for a long time, strong energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light and makes it not as easily focused that emit significant amounts of blue light, this unfocused visual light reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain.

Laptop Screen Protector Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter

Perfect for a short-sighted person, baby mother, school student, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover, etc.

The Newest bubble adsorption design can remove all small bubbles by the press with a Scraping card, Anti-glare Matte process effectively reduces glare & visual fatigue.

Ultra-clear 95% Transparency not reduce the screen’s brightness, preserves the original screen brightness to reduce eye strain, to avoid reducing the monitor and battery life (some gray covers need to increase the brightness to use ).

Wavelengths of blue light are between 380nm to 495nm in the range of visible lights with strong energy. It’s widely discovered in led light sourced products such as pc, cell phone, game machines, and TV, etc.

Strong Energy Blue light can penetrate the crystalline to reach the retina, too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina, which can lead to permanent vision loss. Also, the strong energy can deepen facial oxidation and form chloasma.


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