Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 for Beginners

Dive in the world of Visual Effects in this exciting and themed hands-on course



Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 for Beginners

Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 for Beginners



Start learning the basics of Adobe After Effects in this complete introduction guide. This class does not cover boring technical stuff, but rather practical examples and real situations. By the end of the class, you’ll have a complete fundamental understanding of Adobe After Effects and will be able to create your own visual effects and motion graphics.

Did you always want to make your own movie special effects or motion graphics animations? Then I’ll be super excited to introduce you into the wonderful world of Adobe After Effects!


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My name is Jordy Vandeput and I’ve been teaching online classes for more than 10 years. With over 1,300,000+ subscribers on YouTube, I teach the world about filmmaking and video editing in a fun and exciting style.

In this class, you’ll be my apprentice and I’m the mad scientist!


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