Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course

This powerful extensive class trains you in all aspects of the logo design process including logo design theory, execution, working with typography, selecting color pallets, and exporting files…

Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course

Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course

This powerful extensive class trains you in all aspects of the logo design process

It includes

  • Logo design theory
  • Execution
  • Working typography
  • Selecting color pallets
  • Preparing
  • Exporting files
  • How to work with adobe illustrator to create stunning logos.

Not only that this class teaches you how to work with clients. We talk about what type of questions to ask clients before starting your logo design process.

For the theory section of this course, we dive into logo design categories. We review all the different logo design styles while showing Stellar examples of each.

I go over the characteristics of strong logos designs and walk you through these using real-world companies. Lastly, we cannot talk about logo design theory without talking about the power of color. We review the color psychology chart.  

The next section is for those who need a crash course in Adobe illustrator.
Afterward, we walk through the entire logo design process from scratch. We will learn how to quickly get our ideas out on paper. Turn those rough ideas into real workable designs we can present to the client. We will walk through each step of the journey as we work to find those final concepts to present. Create a mood board to find our perfect color matches and finish off our logo with the final touches.

Our next section dives deep into the golden ratio in logo design. We will create from scratch the golden ratio spiral. To create the golden ratio circles we need to start to adapt our designs to the golden ratio.

Take this logo all the way through to the end. Including creating all variations and sizes we will need to adapt this logo to just about anything. We will create polished designs by learning how to use photoshop mock-ups. We will use our downloadable file export guide. It helps us to learn how and why we export specific files to our clients.

The next section goes over portfolio-building basics and several places. Steps to find clients and get client referrals, you can start building your design business.

This course is packed full of downloadable resources.
This class is extensive. It is gentle and paced well. This will be for anyone interested in working through a course. It has a deep focus on logo design or any designer. If he wants to fine-tune their logo design and presentation skills.

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