Machine Embroidery Photoshop

Machine Embroidery Photoshop Actions

About the Product

Download this action set for Photoshop to create new images, ecards, posters, as the result will be 300 dpi ready to print. Also suitable for on-screen use, such as web design, if you save the result in 72 dpi — it’s easy. Also soon I will publish an update with new styles of embroidery, and customers will receive it immediately and for free.


  • 5 Stitch brushes and 5 Hole brushes.
  • 7 Emboss Styles for holes, stitches, and embroidery.
  • Denim Fabric background style.
  • Jeans Fabric background style.
  • Light Leather (Custom Color) background style.
  • Dark Leather (Custom Color) background style.
  • Medium Linen (Custom) background style.
  • 8 Outline stitch actions (Simple Stitch Regular, Simple Stitch Short, Simple Stitch Bold, Simple Stitch Italic, Simple Stitch Regular Big, Simple Stitch Short Big, Simple Stitch Bold Big, Simple Stitch Italic Big).
  • 1-8 Line Embroidery for the filled style.
  • User Guide.pdf

Generic Category (English)640x480


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