MEGAPACK 450+ Brushes for Procreate



MEGAPACK 450+ Brushes for Procreate

MEGAPACK 450+ Brushes for Procreate



This is probably what you’re looking for: All my professional Procreate brushes in one big MegaPack incl. free updates and new brushes!

+++ Updated for Procreate 4 (150+ new brushes added!) +++ These brushes are made exclusively for Procreate and won’t work in other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or Clip studio +++

You’ll get more than 450 custom made premium brushes! Included in this insanely affordable bundle are:

  • INK Brush Sets #1 and #2: All my favorite inking brushes, crafted with love and passion for detail. I use these brushes every day for my personal and professional work.
  • Jens DUNCE Comic Brush Set (NEW): 25+ rough sketch, dirty ink, messy marker & dry shading brushes for Procreate 4
  • ROSSBOB Wet Paint Sets #1 and #2: 35+ new wet paintbrushes for Bob Ross style oil painting in Procreate 4. I also included two ROSSBOB color swatches to get you started painting right away 🙂
  • INKTOBER 2017 Ink Brushes (NEW): 45+ brand-new Procreate 4 ink brushes and markers
  • PENCIL & SKETCH Brush Set (NEW): 30+ new and updated pencils, charcoal, graphite & sketch brushes
  • DIRTY DOZEN Brush Set: 19 new messy ink, gritty shading & grunge paint brushes
  • MANGA & ANIME Brush Set incl. 25 traditional East Asian ink and paintbrushes, screen tones (seamless pattern brushes as well as 21 transparent PNGs) and shading brushes
  • MARX PAINTBRUSH BROTHERS (NEW): 5 versatile multi-purpose paintbrushes which can be used for wet and dry oil as well as acrylic and gouache painting!
  • BIG IN JAPAN (NEW): 4 brand-new wet ink brushes for Procreate 4
  • WATERCOLOR, INK & PAINT Bundle incl. the WATER LIES: Water-based coloring and natural media painting brushes
  • COPICESQUE MARKER Brush Set: 20+ multi-purpose marker brushes, which can be used for blending colors as well as an eraser
  • SKETCH & DRAW Brush Set: Versatile natural media brushes incl. various pens and pencils
  • SIR RIPPLES KNIGHT OIL BRUSHES: Oil paint and glazes brush set
  • PAGAN PASTELS of the CRAYON CULT: Pastel and crayon brush set
  • PATTERNOIK Power Pack: High-resolution texture and seamless pattern brushes for painting, shading, drawing and concept design
  • XMAS 2017 Brush Set: 15+ brand-new Procreate 4 brushes including the popular MAGIC SWORD brush
  • XMAS 2016 Brush Set: 40 new brushes for illustration, painting and concept design
  • BLENDER Brush Set: 24 blending and painting brushes with natural media textures
  • 90+ COLOR Swatches: Harmonic manga palettes, paint, and comic style color swatches, Tri-O-Tone palettes and color swatches sampled from movie stills
  • FREE Updates & New Brush Sets

All future UPDATES and NEW BRUSH SETS will be included for FREE with your purchase 🙂


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