Pen Drawer Procreate Brush Set

Pen Drawer Procreate Brush Set

This Procreate Brush set is inspired by the many lettering and calligraphy pens and markers I have accumulated over the years. I hand-crafted these brushes based on marks and textures made by the physical marks of each of the pencils, pens and markers. First by drawing with them, then scanning in the marks, and fine-tuning a shape and grain for each one.

Also included are 9 high-resolution texture images, which you can use as backgrounds or overlays for your drawing / lettering work.

Please Note:

These brushes are for procreate on iOS only, and will not work in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other software.

What you get A zip file containing:

  • 22 individual brushes.
  • A .brushset file containing all of the brushes for easy installation.
  • 9 high-res texture photos, great for background use.
  • Installation / Brush Spec Guide PDF.

Download Pen Drawer Procreate Brush Set

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