Photoshop High-End Retouching Masterclass

Learn high-end Photoshop retouching techniques for studio and outdoor portrait photography…

Photoshop High-End Retouching Masterclass
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Photoshop High-End Retouching Masterclass

Whether you’re new to portrait editing or have been retouching for a while now, you’re probably here because you’re looking to learn how to create a higher-quality retouch.

What sets a high-quality retouch apart from an average retouch? If you can create a result that looks like real skin and makes the model look like herself, yet she still looks flawless – you’ve created a high-quality retouch! Popular trends are moving away from airbrushed-looking images, where models are made to look like porcelain dolls. Instead, we are moving towards images that feel unretouched and “real”.

Often, basic techniques such as frequency separation can create results that look over-edited. The techniques taught in this tutorial will instead create a very natural result that maintains the complete structural integrity and all the texture of the model’s skin!

You will learn a retouching workflow that is centered around quality and efficiency. The techniques are unique and novel and can be applied to any portrait shot (daytime/studio/nighttime/etc.). This tutorial will take your retouching game to the next level!

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