Do You Want To Be a Master in Portrait & Beauty Skin Retouching? Just watch the intro Video You Can’t Believe The Change!…

Photoshop Professional Beauty Retouching - Masterclass

Photoshop Professional Beauty Retouching – Masterclass

Hey guys and welcome to Photoshop Professional Beauty Retouching

I am Soli Art,

I am the Art Director of Dentsu advertising company they are some of my creative Artwork which you can find at 500px site with the name of Soli

We start by making a plan for our entire retouching then we do some cleanup and then we do dodge and burning with a help layer then I will teach you my special way of Frequency Separation then we change the form of the face with Liquify and step by steps will create and also draw the other part of the image until we create the magic 🙂 

By the end of this course, You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Retouching Skills and I will answer all of your questions on udemy until you get your first job.

After purchasing don’t forget to leave a comment so that inspires me to create more amazing videos.

By the end you will be master of photo retouching in photoshop.

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