Procreate Gnomes Drawing Toolkit

About the Product:

Draw cute characters with the Procreate Gnomes Drawing Toolkit. I have created 130 shapes that will help you develop your creativity. I’ve created some brushes for use with the Procreate app. It will be easy and fun for the to gnomes draw.

They are brushes designed for software requirements App Procreate 5X.

I created this product because I want to share my passion for wonderful fairy characters. I turned my original sketches into a digital tool. To make your creative phase as fun as possible, I have included a color palette and a basic drawing guide in pdf.

Scroll through the slides and preview what’s included. There is also a demonstration Youtube video!

If you need clarification, write me. A greeting and may the magic of the Gnomes be with you!

Here is the list of tools:

  • 32 face.
  • 30 clothing.
  • 15 head.
  • 28 objects.
  • 19 nature.
  • 6 rustic shape.
  • BONUS a step-by-step PDF guide and color palette.

Thanks and now spread your creativity!


Procreate Gnomes Drawing Toolkit
Procreate Gnomes Drawing Toolkit
Procreate Gnomes Drawing Toolkit

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