Procreate Hair Texture Brushes

Are you a digital artist looking to take your hair illustrations to the next level? Well, look no further because we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Procreate’s Hair Brushes, the ultimate brushes for achieving realistic hair textures in your digital artwork. Whether you’re drawing flowing locks, intricate braids, or wild curls, procreate hair brushes braids will give your creations the level of detail and precision in braids making that will leave your viewers in awe.

Procreate bundle brushes

Procreate bundle brushes

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With Procreate’s hair brushes, you no longer have to settle for flat and lifeless hair in your digital art. These brushes have been meticulously crafted to mimic real hair’s natural flow and texture, resulting in strikingly realistic illustrations. Say goodbye to spending hours painstakingly drawing each strand – Procreate’s hair brushes will do the work for you, saving you time and ensuring consistent and professional-looking results.

Take your digital artistry to new heights with hair & texture brushes for procreate and unlock a new level of sleekness and realism. Don’t wait any longer – start creating jaw-dropping hair illustrations today!

Creating realistic hair textures requires both technical skill and artistic intuition. Here are some additional tips to help you take your hair illustrations to the next level and achieve professional-looking results:

1. Study real-life references: Take the time to observe and study different hair textures in real life. Pay attention to how light interacts with the hair, the different patterns and textures, and the overall appearance. This will enhance your understanding and ability to recreate these elements in your digital art.

2. Experiment with different brush settings: Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with the various settings available in Procreate. Adjusting factors such as brush opacity, flow, and texture can greatly impact the final result. Take the time to find the settings that work best for the specific hair texture you’re aiming to create.

Environment Procreate brushes

Environment Procreate brushes

This set of brushes will help you create beautiful scenery or environment objects such as grass, flowers, trees, bushes

3. Practice, practice, practice: Like any skill, creating realistic hair textures takes practice. Set aside dedicated time to experiment and refine your techniques. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become with hair illustration techniques and the better your results will be.

4. Study other artists’ work: Take inspiration from other artists who excel in creating realistic hair textures. Analyze their techniques, brush strokes, and overall approach to gain insights and inspiration for your work. Don’t be afraid to incorporate their ideas into your style.

Now that you have a solid foundation of techniques, let’s dive into a step-by-step tutorial on using Procreate’s Hair Brushes to create realistic hair textures. Follow along and practice these steps on your own to enhance your digital artistry.

Step 1: Start by sketching the basic shape and flow of the hair using a light-colored brush. Focus on capturing the overall silhouette and movement of the hair.

1285 Procreate Brushes

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Step 2: Once you’re satisfied with the basic shape, switch to a medium-sized Hair Brush and start adding the main strands of hair. Follow the flow you established in the previous step and vary the thickness of your strokes to create volume.

Step 3: Use a Texture Hair Brush to add texture and detail to the individual strands of hair. Pay attention to the direction of the hair and the natural patterns it forms. Add lighter and darker areas to create highlights and shadows, enhancing the overall depth and realism.

Procreate Watercolor brushes

Procreate Watercolor
Brush Studio

Get the stunning look of watercolor and wish to bring that texture and translucent look to your digital paintings with these brushes  

Step 4: Experiment with different Hair Brushes to create variations in texture and thickness. For example, use a Braids Hair Brush to add intricate braids or an Updo Hair Brush to depict a stylish updo hairstyle.

Step 5: Refine and fine-tune your illustration by adding additional details, such as flyaway hairs or subtle highlights. Use smaller brush sizes for these finer details to maintain precision and control.

Procreate Hairstyle Brushes

Procreate hairstyles brushes

Amazing 40 (20×2) Procreate brushes for EASY and fast drawing realistic hairstyles on iPad.

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