Procreate Digital Drawing with iPad

Learn all about Procreate with practical step-by-step drawing projects and an effective learning plan…

Procreate – Learn Digital Drawing with the iPad

Procreate – Learn Digital Drawing with the iPad

In this course, I’ll teach you how to use the drawing software Procreate on the iPad. And not just anyhow, but by showing you applicable drawing projects I will guide you step by step through all the essential functions of the program.

So you can apply your knowledge directly and after the course, you will already have at least 3 to 5 beautiful artworks in your gallery – and you don’t even have to know how to draw for that yet.

However, you can continue to improve in later sections and implement different projects & styles. So there is a lesson or exercise for every drawing level.

In addition, I give you a lot of useful additional knowledge, materials, and secret tricks that even many professionals do not know. So do you want to get started with Procreate and digital art now? Then sign up for the course now and get inspired.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Procreate – Learn all the features and user interface of the program through applied drawing projects.
  • Artwork – Through the course, you will easily (step by step) create at least 3-5 drawing projects in different styles (drawing skills not required).
  • For Everyone – No matter what drawing level or style, you’ll find a lesson or exercise to suit you.
  • Glossary – Use the glossary to quickly find important features and the lessons that go with them.
  • Materials – Download the additional materials included in the course (overview PDFs, shortcut lists, etc.) to learn even better.
  • Brushes – Learn how to edit, create, or import your own brushes inside the Brush Studio.
  • Tools – Master the brush, eraser, and smudge tools.
  • Layers – Understand what they are and how to best use them in Procreate.
  • Masks – Learn what masks are and how to best use the different types (alpha lock, clipping mask, and layer mask).
  • Colors – Master Procreate’s color menu and create your own color palettes and color harmonies.
  • Editing – Learn to select, transform, and adjust your images using all of Procreate’s features, from basic to advanced.
  • Digital Art – Learn the ins and outs of digital art and how to use it to your advantage in Procreate.
  • Efficiency – Learn about Procreate’s gesture controls and how to customize them for maximum workflow efficiency and drawing flow.
  • Additional Knowledge – More than just Procreate, you’ll also learn some secret tricks for getting even more out of your iPad for digital drawing.
  • Inspiration – Get inspired by numerous practical examples and use the various exercises to implement your own Procreate projects.
  • Learning – Learn how to learn. Get tips for your optimal course experience.

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