Professional Photoshop Retouching Course 2020

Beauty Retouch and Photo Retouch Techniques in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 | Learn From Turkey’s BESTSELLING INSTRUCTOR…



RETOUCH 101 | Professional Photoshop Retouching Course 2020

RETOUCH 101 | Professional Photoshop Retouching Course 2020



Who Am I?

My name is Ugur Sezer © I’m the founder of the YouTube: Foto Akademi © that is the best retouch channel in Turkey. I am a one of the bestselling instructor and i have top rated retouch courses in Turkey. I am a professional retoucher and educator. I have been teaching and retouching for almost 8 years. 

What is Right or Wrong Technique?

As a retoucher you need skills that are being done by professional retouchers in order to get the same level of clients. It is important for people to learn retouching properly because you are spending so much time looking at really bad tutorials. And the reality is there is a right and wrong way to do something. And this tutorial will show you what that is. Everything was explained simply and brilliantly.

Learn Simplest Way Possible:

Identifying exactly what is wrong the image and what needs to be fixed and not fixed, is more important than just learning techniques on their own. This tutorial effectively about crafting your vision and then learning the tools and techniques to achieve that vision in the simplest way possible.

Clean and Organized Sections:

I broke down each section into subsections. So that at any point and time  you can go back. And look at anything  you are unfamiliar with and revisit these items in detail. Whether it is dodge and burn, skin smoothing, healing, cloning,  color correcting… It is all there for you. It is a real retouch library!

✎  Uğur Sezer Photo © | Best Retouch Instructor in Turkey

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