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Collection of video tutorials on creating dynamics and fluid simulation in Realflow using Cinema 4D…..

10 Best Realflow Fluid Simulation Tutorials

Realflow Fluid Simulation Tutorials

Fluid simulation is a special section of visual effects. The simulation process has a large number of features.

The liquid has a number of properties that are not presented in other systems. We have a deal with density, viscosity, pressure and even surface tension.

All this greatly affects the result. If you take into account the different scales of the simulations, for example, from drops of dew on the leaf to the giant tsunami, it becomes clear that why it is so difficult to create such things in computer graphics or CG.

Other Liquid Simulation Plugins

Some 3D packages have their own tools for fluid simulations, for example, Houdini has Fluid Solver, 3ds max prefers PhoenixFD plugin, Maya is more comfortable with Bifrost and Cinema4D works well with RealFlow plugin.

But, unlike them, RealFlow was created directly for this kind of liquid simulation. From the first versions, it has big changes and every time it becomes more interesting and diverse in terms of tools and opportunities.

What You Will Learn From These 10 Best Reaflow Tutorials

Basically, this course designed for FX artists, interested in fluid simulations. In these lessons we will learn all from the beginning, so you don’t need to have any special knowledge of RealFlow.

In this package, using the example of various scenes, I’ll try to show you the possibilities of the Realflow in different situations, using different particle systems, tools, and scales, etc.

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