Perform a Professional SEO Audit+Learn SEO from Scratch+Get your SEO Audit report by the End of The Course!

SEO Audit Unlocked Go from Zero to Hero in 2021!

SEO Audit Unlocked: Go from Zero to Hero in 2021!

Now and more than ever is the best time to learn SEO and SEO Audit! Businesses are constantly competing for top-ranking spots on Google. No surprise that SEO is one of the highly demanded marketing skills in 2021.

This course has a different laser-focused result-oriented approach. It is specially designed to help you reach 3 goals at the same time:

Learn how to perform a Professional SEO Audit

Learn SEO

Create your own SEO Audit Report using beautiful, modern, and fully customizable templates.

All of the above using FREE tools!

You will gain valuable knowledge about SEO strategies in 2021 and best practices, including the recent Google Update.

You will be able to increase your rank on SERPs with top digital insights and methods.

Whether a student or a marketer, this training will save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of time. You will master essential skills, step by step.

Master, Google Ranking Factors, keywords search, on-site and off-site optimization, and much more for a successful SEO project.

You will learn how to use different tools for a successful SEO project like Google AnalyticsGoogle My Business…).

You will earn a highly paid skill and highly demanded especially with the acceleration of digitalization worldwide.

I will walk you through the steps and details of SEO Audits, explain in easy-to-understand words all SEO concepts, and demystify the most effective techniques for you.

The course is appropriately structured, organized for a smooth and valuable learning experience.

Get all your questions answered. This course will provide you with valuable information, key takeaways and introduce you to free SEO tools for a successful career.

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