Growing Sales Through Google Shopping Ads Automation – From Feed Optimization to Account Structure & More…

Smart Shopping Campaigns with PPCKirk

Smart Shopping Campaigns with PPCKirk

In this course, we’ll take a look at how Smart Shopping Campaings is different from Standard Shopping, and how those differences should define the way we optimize the feed, create our ads, and manage the campaigns moving forward in Ecommerce Google Ads-land.

  • Ecommerce Paid Search Marketers wondering if they should use Smart Shopping.
  • Small Business owners who don’t yet have the ability of hiring an agency to manage their Shopping Ads.
  • Any PPC Marketers who want to learn more about Ecommerce Shopping Ads.
  • How to Set Up Google Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns to Maximize Sales.
  • How to Optimize a Product Feed for Smart Shopping Campaigns.

While there are certain caveats in the Smart Shopping campaign type to be aware of, Smart Shopping is a powerfully successful new entity in PPC marketing and one that should be mastered. In this course, we’ll walk through how to master it for the good of your business growth.

While there are many courses on Google Shopping and Google Ads, Smart Shopping is a newer campaign type and one that requires a different way of thinking than Standard Shopping campaigns.

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