How to incorporate storytelling & eye pleasing composition in that split second…

Street Photography Masterclass

Street Photography Masterclass

Street photography is about making photographs in public places. To capture the random incidents, the candid moments, or anything that’s pleasing to the eyes.

In addition, Street photography makes traveling more purposeful and significant. It makes us see the world with a broader perspective and greater interest. It also makes us see the familiar everyday surroundings with a fresh new eye.

Some would say it’s challenging, as it requires patience, quick and intuitive responses, and the failure rate can be high.

And it’s not easy to make the composition pleasing to the eyes, and certainly not easy to incorporate the narrative component to the images in that split second.

As a matter of fact, it does require something more. That’s what this Master Class is all about, I felt compelled to guide those who wish to acquire a deeper understanding in this area.

I’d been immersed in this genre of photography for more than 14 years now. And I’d earned many honors in photo competitions in the Street Photography category.

One of my most unforgettable moments and greatest honors was winning First Place in National Geographic Photography Contest in 2013.

And I’m extremely glad to see many of my students participated in contests. And earned awards and mentions from all over the world time and again.

In this master class, I will teach you first the very foundation of photography: Understanding the clue, or so-called formula of what constitutes a good photograph, and how to develop our seeing eye in photography.

And we will progress to explore Street Photography in detail.

On a step-by-step basis, I’ll teach you which gears to use, how to do the camera set correctly in different situations, how to find the right elements and integrate them into the chosen frame of the camera.

And I’ll teach you the various creative approaches to Street photography: what’s suitable for color photography, what’s suitable for B&W and etc.

How to deal with the different weather conditions, whether it’s rainy or sunny, and still produce good results; whether it’s flat lighting or lowlight. I will guide you on how we could fully utilize each and every situation.

My tutorial is about simplifying the complex, training in the habit of seeing & observing, with many inspiring & creative lessons and assignments for you to work on. It is designed to make learning fun and engaging.

At the end of the course, I believe you will find you have acquired a clear understanding and creative mindset. And are able to produce aesthetically pleasing and good storytelling street images more than you could ever imagine.

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