The Ultimate Masterclass For Creative Flower Photography

Learn How To Create Fine Art Images With Your DLSR Camera! Shoot Flowers Like A Pro – With Our Easy Yet Amazing Tricks!



The Ultimate Masterclass For Creative Flower Photography

The Ultimate Masterclass For Creative Flower Photography



Hi and Welcome to our course “The Ultimate Masterclass For Creative Flower Photography” – A new tutorial in our photography series.

Crafting FANTASTIC images instead of BORING ones – this is especially important when photographing flowers and botanical locations. Many things can go wrong. For example, petals are very delicate. When the sun hits them from the wrong angle – their color bleaches out quickly. Instead of beautiful vibrancy, we see white patches.

Also – our eyes deceive us. We look at this fantastic location and think: “Oh, wow! It’s so beautiful!” But when we try to capture this radiant field through our camera – the images appear flat and lackluster. Or with too much contrast. Or the wind made the capture blurry! Or – worst of all – the flowers look plain boring. You created an “okay” photograph. But NOT fine art. You wouldn’t print this image or design wall art for your home.

But this is what we want to achieve, right? We want to create something special! How can you accomplish this? By learning our S.P.E.C.I.A.L recipe and our easy yet fun tricks!


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In this course you will learn:

  • How to master the power of Storytelling, Exposure, Composition, Illumination, Ambiance Feel and Lightroom (or Post-Production)
  • How to “SET THE SCENE” for your flower – from BORING to EXCITING
  • How to expose in natural light: From HDR bracketing to romantic looking images. Or: From vintage to funky designs. You decide!
  • How to create unique “light effects” with flashguns, gels, and simple accessories! If natural light photography is not “your thing” – then these tricks will spark your interest and inspiration for sure!
  • How to create compelling compositions, concepts, projects and so much more

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create the most beautiful “fine art” flower images. Instead of buying such photographs, you will be able to design them yourself! The only requirement: A DSLR, some accessories, a basic understanding of your camera’s manual functions and: Being interested in becoming a more creative photographer!

Flower Photography has a great variety of techniques! Become a better photographer while having fun! Welcome, and see you in class!


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