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Tiler Photoshop Extension



Tiler is a Photoshop extension for tiling textures and creating seamless textures. Fast and easy to use.

How to use:

  • Drag and drop image you want to tile into Photoshop (it will be automatically converted into Smart Object)
  • Scale the image to the desired size
  • Press Tile Texture button
  • If you notice repeating pattern after tiling (even if you used seamless textures) you can remove it by using Remove Patterns options.
  • The number of Iterations means how many layers will be created when removing the visible patterns (min. 1 – max 10.). The higher the number the better the result but it takes a little bit more time to complete.
  • Rotation Angle (min. 1 – max. 90) means how the layer will be rotated. This variation also helps to remove the visible patterns.
  • Create seamless textures with a press of a button. Adjust the Patch size to get a different look. The HighPass value of 100 is good for most of the images but if you want you can change that as well.


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